NYC’s Delhi Heights Marks Sweet 16 as a Nepali-Indian Restaurant

Delhi Heights Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Jackson Heights, New York, commemorates its 16th anniversary. Owned by the esteemed entrepreneur, Mr. Mohan Baruwal, this culinary haven has become synonymous with authentic Nepali and Indian cuisine, attracting food enthusiasts from across the region.

The success story of Delhi Heights is deeply intertwined with the dedication and hard work of its owner, Mr. Mohan Baruwal. Known for his humility and true gentlemanly demeanor, Mr. Baruwal has been the driving force behind the restaurant’s consistent growth and popularity.

The journey of Delhi Heights is not just about food; it’s a testament to the American dream and the unwavering spirit of its founder. Mr. Mohan Baruwal arrived in the United States in 2006 with a dream to create a culinary haven that reflects the rich tapestry of Nepali and Indian flavors. His journey has been marked by resilience, perseverance, and a passion for delivering an exceptional dining experience to patrons.

Before the inception of Delhi Heights, Mohan Baruwal and his team successfully operated Sagarmatha Restaurant in Woodside, showcasing their commitment to culinary excellence. Prior to that, they had Namaste Momo Restaurant in Jackson Heights, establishing a strong foundation in the local food scene.

Consistency has been the mantra of success for Delhi Heights. The restaurant has carved a niche for itself by offering an exquisite blend of Tongba, Nepali, and Indian cuisine, delighting the taste buds of its diverse clientele. The celebration of the 16th anniversary is a testament to the enduring appeal of Delhi Heights, where each dish tells a story of tradition, authenticity, and passion.

Delhi Heights’ 16th anniversary is not just a milestone for the restaurant; it’s a celebration of the dreams, hard work, and dedication of Mr. Mohan Baruwal and his team. The journey continues, and Delhi Heights remains a beacon of culinary excellence in Jackson Heights, New York.