Nepalis See Record Number of US Visitor Visas Approved in January 2024

Nepalis seeking to visit the United States are experiencing a surge in successful visa applications, with January 2024 marking a record high in the current fiscal year, according to data from the US Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs.

A total of 2,367 Nepalese individuals were granted B-category visitor visas in January, representing the highest number within the first four months of the fiscal year that began in October 2023. This significant increase surpasses the figures from December 2023, where 1,907 Nepalis received visitor visas. This number is significantly higher than both October 2023 (2,081 visitor visas) and November 2023 (1,781 visitor visas).

The US Embassy in Kathmandu played a key role in facilitating this increase, approving 1,957 visitor visas in January alone. This reflects a steady rise compared to the approvals in both December 2023 (1,613) and November 2023 (1,419). The US Embassy in Kathmandu alone approved US visitor visas for 1,675 applicants in October.

While January 2024 witnessed a surge, the overall approval rate for Nepali visitor visas in fiscal year 2023 (ending September 2023) was 69%. This marks a slight decrease compared to the nearly 80% approval rate observed in fiscal year 2022.

The approval rate for Nepali visitor visas has fluctuated over the past decade. In 2020, it reached its lowest point in recent years, hovering around 52%. However, the year 2021 saw a significant rise, with the approval rate reaching a high of 81% during the relevant fiscal year.