The Very First Asian Affairs Advisory Council For NYC Mayor Takes Shape

The very first Asian Affairs Advisory Council for NYC Mayor Eric Adams has been formed. Twenty-one members have been nominated with a wide range of backgrounds.

The New York City government established the Council to advise the mayor’s office regarding the welfare of the Asian community.

‘The very first Asian Affairs Advisory Council for Mayor Eric Adams will serve as a bridge between city government and Asian American & Pacific Islander communities across the five boroughs. The council plans to focus on three priority issues in its first year: public safety, economic recovery, and education,’ said the Office of NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

According to the Office of NYC Mayor, Mr. Adams will work with the advisory council to identify issues in AAPI communities, find solutions, and showcase results. The council will also facilitate communications with AAPI businesses in NYC, cultivate young AAPI student leaders, and organize education programs for underserved communities.

Nabaraj KC will represent the Nepali community to the Council.  KC, who has been living in Queen’s College Point, New York, with his wife and two children, is  a Nepali-American businessman and realtor. He is also working to connect the Nepali community with American politics and politicians.