Renowned Nepali-American Blood Donor Arjun Mainali’s Tragic End Shocks Community

Arjun Prasad Mainali, a renowned Nepali-American blood donor credited with saving over 600 lives through his extensive blood donations totaling more than 100,000 milliliters, tragically chose a distressing end in the United States. After posting a message on Facebook indicating his intention to self-immolate, Mainali went missing. A few hours later, his lifeless body was discovered inside a rented car in the Quest Park of Lata Nature Preserve in North Carolina.

Upon learning of Mainali’s social media post, local police swiftly responded to his residence in North Carolina. Tracking his phone led them to the Lata Nature Preserve area, where the police, accompanied by members of the Nepali community, found Mainali’s charred remains, indicating a grim end to his life.

The Nepali community in the USA, deeply disturbed by Mainali’s disappearance and subsequent death, is now mourning the loss of the individual who had become a source of inspiration for many. Mainali’s significant contributions extended beyond blood donation; he played a vital role in various social causes, earning admiration not only in the United States but also in Nepal.

Arjun Mainali, born in 1968 in Sipali of Kavre, Nepal, initiated his blood donation journey in 1987. Over the years, he donated blood more than 200 times in 20 countries, encouraging and educating others on the importance of this life-saving act. Notably, Oyster Bay Town in New York declared December 22, 2019, as Arjun Mainali Day, honoring his remarkable contributions to the field of blood donation.

Mainali, who moved to the USA in 2000, continued his philanthropic efforts, recognizing the constant need for blood in medical emergencies. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, he donated blood 22 times. His dedication was not limited to blood donation; he also actively engaged in financial contributions, allocating a significant portion of his income to various social services, surpassing $50,000.

For an extended period, he resided in Hicksville, New York, alongside his wife Tara Mainali and their children, daughter Amun and son Amit. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, he relocated to North Carolina with his family, where he continued to actively engage in blood donation and social work.  His biography was published in 11 languages, highlighting his extraordinary life of selflessness and compassion.

The news of Arjun Mainali’s tragic end has elicited heartfelt tributes from the Nepali community in the USA and beyond.

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