Report Reveals Officer Negligence in Nepali Immigrant’s Death in NYC Prison

Shocking revelations have emerged regarding the tragic death of 27-year-old Nepali immigrant, Manish Kunwar, who was found dead in his cell at the Rikers Island prison on October 5. Preliminary reports from the New York City Board of Corrections shed light on a series of oversights and negligence by correction officials.

According to the Board’s report, the officer responsible for checking the cells at the Eric M Taylor Center’s mental health supervision unit failed to conduct the required rounds three hours prior to the discovery of Kunwar’s body. The officer was subsequently suspended.

During the time of Kunwar’s death, there was reportedly no suicide prevention support in the observation unit. The floor officer was supposed to visit the cell every 15 minutes, but the report indicates that no one checked the cells from 1:34 AM to 4:34 AM, the critical period leading up to the discovery of Kunwar’s lifeless body at 5:37 AM.

The report states that Kunwar was found with a sheets on the window of his cell, hindering visibility. Officers only discovered his body after knocking on the door during breakfast distribution. Despite paramedics arriving promptly and administering four doses of Narcan, Kunwar was pronounced dead at 6:20 AM, with the possibility that he may have passed away much earlier.

Medical personnel reported finding liquid and blood from Kunwar’s mouth when he was turned over, adding to the mystery of his death. While the city’s medical examiner’s office has yet to release an official cause of death, initial speculation points towards a possible overdose.

Manish Kunwar, who immigrated to the United States from Nepal in 2016 through a diversity visa, struggled with mental illness and homelessness. His troubled history involved legal issues, including a robbery accusation in Queens in June 2022, where he allegedly used a knife to take $1,200 from a man. He also faced charges of using stolen credit cards in an attempt to buy food.

Kunwar’s complex life included stints in psychiatric centers and arrests in various states, culminating in his imprisonment in New York City on September 27. Despite having a scheduled court appearance on October 5 and the next hearing set for October 27, he tragically died in jail just a week into his incarceration.

Born in 1996, Kunwar was 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighed 150 pounds, and had black hair and brown eyes, according to records. The circumstances surrounding his death raise concerns about the prison’s handling of inmates, especially those with mental health issues. Investigations are ongoing to determine the exact cause of Kunwar’s untimely demise.