Nepali Gas Station Worker Shot in Texas, Fundraising Campaign Launched for Support

Nepali community in the United States has been hit by another tragic incident as a 32-year-old Nepali, Bhim Bahadur Nath, was shot by a group of armed robbers while he was working at a gas station in Austin, Texas. Nath, who hails from Sisne Rural Municipality Ward No. 8 of East Rukum, was seriously injured and is currently being treated at South Austin Medical Center.

This incident has raised serious concerns over the safety and security of Nepalis living in the United States, as there have been significant incidents of shooting at Nepalis in America. Many Nepalis have been killed in attacks on gas stations and grocery stores, which has led to fear and anxiety among the Nepali community.

In response to this tragedy, a fundraising campaign has been started on GoFundMe to support Nath’s medical treatment and recovery. The campaign, which started with a goal of $15,000, has already collected $1,400, and people are urged to contribute to support Nath and his family during this difficult time.

The Nepali community in the United States is calling for immediate action to ensure the safety and security of Nepalis living in the country. The incident has also highlighted the need for greater awareness and education about the risks and dangers faced by people working in vulnerable occupations, such as gas station attendants and convenience store clerks.

As the Nepali community mourns this tragedy, there is a pressing need for authorities to address the root causes of such incidents and take effective measures to prevent them from happening in the future.