Ang Dawa Sherpa: The Legendary Mountaineer Who Conquered Mount Everest Ten Times and Set Guinness World Record

Ang Dawa Sherpa is truly an extraordinary mountaineer who has climbed Mount Everest a remarkable ten times. Born in a small village in Nepal, he was drawn to the mountains from a young age and eventually made his way to Kathmandu to pursue a career in tourism. Since his first ascent of Everest in 2007, he has continued to climb the mountain every year, setting an example for climbers all over the world.

In 2019, he and Pasang Phuti Sherpa set a Guinness World Record for being the fastest couple to climb Everest using supplementary oxygen, completing the climb in an impressive 2 days, 7 hours, and 36 minutes. Ang Dawa Sherpa’s achievements have made him a legendary figure in the world of mountaineering, inspiring many to pursue their own dreams and push their limits.

His dedication and perseverance have earned him a reputation as one of the best mountaineers of his generation, but he is much more than just a climber. Ang Dawa is also a dedicated community leader and philanthropist who has made significant contributions to the development and prosperity of his village and the region as a whole.

Ang Dawa’s passion for mountaineering began at an early age. Growing up in the shadow of the Himalayas, he was captivated by the beauty and majesty of the mountains. He began working as a porter and guide for trekkers and climbers while still a teenager, and quickly developed a reputation as a skilled and knowledgeable guide. In 2007, he climbed Mount Everest for the first time, a feat that would change his life forever.

Since that first ascent, Ang Dawa has climbed Mount Everest every year, becoming one of the few climbers in history to achieve this feat. He has also climbed other mountains in the region, including Lhotse, Manaslu, Choyu, Makalu, Ama Dablang, Mera Peak, Lo Buche Peak, Ella Peak, Iceland, Ten Peak, and Ganjing Khang, demonstrating his incredible skills and experience as a mountaineer. His love for the mountains and his desire to explore new routes and challenges are a testament to his dedication and perseverance.

But Ang Dawa’s achievements go far beyond his climbing accomplishments. He is also a dedicated community leader and philanthropist who has made significant contributions to the development and prosperity of his village and the region as a whole. He founded the Khumbu Mountaineering Association to promote responsible and sustainable tourism in the region, and he has also established the Sherpa Land Organic Farming and Research Center to support sustainable agriculture and to provide training and resources to local farmers. These organizations have helped to create jobs, improve living conditions, and promote economic development in the region.

In addition to his work with these organizations, Ang Dawa is also involved in numerous other community projects. He has helped to build schools and hospitals, and he is a strong advocate for environmental conservation and sustainable development. He has won numerous awards for his contributions to the mountaineering community in Nepal, including the Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal and the Nepal Tourism Board’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Despite his many achievements, Ang Dawa remains humble and focused on his goals. He is committed to helping others and to promoting the beauty and majesty of the mountains he loves so much. His dedication and passion for mountaineering and social work make him an inspiration to all who know him. He is a true hero, not just because of his climbing accomplishments, but because of the positive impact he has had on his community and the world at large.

Ang Dawa Sherpa is a truly extraordinary mountaineer and community leader whose accomplishments on Mount Everest and other peaks are remarkable. His dedication, perseverance, and commitment to his community make him a true hero and an inspiration to climbers and non-climbers alike. His love for the mountains and his desire to share his skills and knowledge with others are qualities that make him a true role model for all who aspire to greatness. We can only hope that he continues to climb and inspire others for many years to come.