Ridgewood Nepalese Society to buy $1.9 million building in New York

The Ridgewood Nepalese Society of New York has stated that it has agreed to buy a building worth $1.9 million.

‘An agreement has been reached to sell the land and buy a building with four apartments, an office, and a hall near three blocks,’ President of the Ridgewood Nepali Society Rajesh Bhatta said.

The society claims that the construction work on the land could not be carried out due to the Corona epidemic. As per the decision of the general assembly held on June 5, 2021, to sell the land and buy a building, an agreement has been reached to buy a new building in the same area by selling the existing land for $999,000.

Since the insufficient amount has to be paid within two months by selling the land and cash, it has been requested to help the Nepalis to establish their temple and community building in New York by providing the amount promised by the donors in the Mahapuran of 2020 and 2017 as soon as possible.

Donations can be made through cash, check, direct deposit, debit card, credit card, or PayPal as per the convenience of the donors.