Nepali Community Meets Senator Schumer, Discussing Resources, Center, and Ongoing Challenges

Representatives of the Nepali community in New York City gathered with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to discuss issues facing their community. Held at Schumer’s office, the roundtable addressed both existing resources and future needs.

Schumer, recalling his past support for Nepalis through Temporary Protected Status, reaffirmed his commitment. He lauded the community’s contributions to the USA, even calling them his “favorite.” Recognizing their need for a central hub, he pledged to help build a community center, urging them to “come up with a proposal for a community center in one place for the coming year. We are ready to support.”

The discussion delved into broader policy areas too. Schumer highlighted his efforts on security, healthcare, and tax benefits for immigrants and minorities, including small businesses. He acknowledged challenges like hate crimes and mental health concerns, expressing his willingness to collaborate on solutions.

Specific issues like the cancellation of USMLE scores for Nepali doctors seeking residency and the prolonged separation of families due to visa processing delays in Kathmandu were raised. Schumer’s office acknowledged these concerns and pledged action.

The 2020 census undercount of Nepalis due to technical issues and the lack of a dedicated “Nepali” option was also raised. Participants aimed to prevent this from happening again.

Shreya Tuladhar of Minority Empowerment Network emphasized the need for community awareness and bridging language barriers. She explained that the roundtable aimed to inform the community about available resources from Schumer’s office. This event, spearheaded by Tuladhar and six others, marked a potentially historic, comprehensive discussion of Nepali community concerns with a high-ranking US official.

This meeting signifies a crucial step forward for the Nepali community in New York, fostering collaboration and paving the way for addressing their needs and concerns. Senator Schumer’s commitment to support and the community’s proactive approach offer hope for a brighter future.