NYC Mayor Eric Adams to Hoist Nepali Flag in Recognition of Nepali Community

New York City’s Mayor, Eric Adams, is set to raise the Nepali flag in Manhattan as a tribute to the Nepali community. In a special event scheduled for September 20th, Mayor Adams will proudly hoist the Nepali flag in Bowling Green Park, right in front of the iconic Charging Bull on Wall Street, near the World Trade Center in Manhattan. This symbolic flag-raising ceremony coincides with Nepal’s Constitution Day and celebrates the significant social, economic, political, and cultural contributions of the Nepali community in the USA.

The event was announced during a press conference held in Jackson Heights, New York, on Sunday. The program will commence at 9 am, and all attendees are encouraged to wear attire that reflects the rich Nepali heritage.

Mayor Adams, recognizing the vital role played by the Nepali community in the United States, has organized this historic flag-hoisting event in collaboration with the Bowling Green Park Association and the New York City Mayor’s Office. The flagpole will proudly display an 8-foot-tall Nepali flag, symbolizing unity and respect for Nepali culture and heritage.

Preparations for the flag-raising ceremony have been completed, and nearly three dozen Nepali Association organizations in the USA have lent their support. Additional Nepali Association organizations in New York have also been invited to participate in this significant event.

Bishnu Prasad Gautam, Acting Consul General of the Nepali Consulate General, emphasized the inclusive nature of the program, urging all Nepali communities and organizations to unite and ensure its success. He stated that any feelings of exclusion or non-belonging within an organization or an individual are shortcomings of those organizations or individuals.

Shyam Karki, President of the Minority Empowerment Network and South Asian Advisor of the Queens District Attorney, expressed gratitude for the honor bestowed upon the Nepali community by the Mayor of New York City. He highlighted that the legacy of this event connects to the past, and every member of the Nepali community shares in this recognition.

Shreeya Tuladhar, Executive Director of the Minority Empowerment Network, pointed out that New York has previously celebrated events like Nepal Day and Mount Everest Day, and co-named streets in honor of the Nepali community. She anticipates that the flag-raising ceremony will mark another significant milestone, underlining the growing interest of mainstream politicians in the Nepali community in the USA.

Khagendra GC, the first lawyer of Nepali origin in the United States, emphasized that this event belongs to the entire Nepali community, not just a specific organization. He called upon all Nepalis to unite, emphasizing that the Nepali flag symbolizes the identity of every Nepali.

Nabraj KC, a member of the Asian Affairs Advisory Council for the Mayor of New York City, encouraged the Nepali community to show unity during such events, as it can help draw the local government’s attention to address the community’s issues.

Following the flag-raising ceremony by Mayor Eric Adams, the Nepali flag will fly proudly in the park until the next flag-raising event. Mayor Adams is expected to address the gathering, and visitors to Lower Manhattan, including the World Trade Center, Wall Street, Charging Bull, and Battery Park, will have the opportunity to take photographs with the Nepali flag as a symbol of unity and diversity.