Chef Bikram Adhikari from Nepal: Redefining Indian Cuisine at 3M BAR AND GRILL in NYC

Located at 119-15 Liberty Ave., South Richmond Hill, 3M BAR AND GRILL is a local restaurant that has quickly become a go-to destination for those seeking an exceptional dining experience. Chef Bikram Adhikari, lovingly known as Chef Bikki, and his talented team have brought the flavors of India to Liberty Ave., making it the ultimate family dinner restaurant for Indian cuisine.

Established in 2022, 3M BAR AND GRILL is dedicated to sharing the richness and authenticity of Indian cuisine with a modern twist. The restaurant’s commitment to traditional flavors and high-quality ingredients has garnered praise from locals and visitors alike.

At just 30 years old, Chef Bikki is thrilled to be leading 3M BAR AND GRILL. His culinary journey began in 2014 when he embarked on his professional career while pursuing a master’s degree in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over the past nine years, he has honed his skills in various restaurants around the world, ranging from Japanese sushi to Mexican street food, Italian fine dining, and American steaks and burgers.

In 2018, Chef Bikki ventured to the United States with a dream of becoming a master chef. He worked in several Indian restaurants in Manhattan, including renowned establishments such as Badshah, Rahi, Bombay Grill, and Roasted Masala. In 2020, he even opened his own Mexican street food restaurant named Hola Namaste on Junction Blvd. in Queens. Unfortunately, due to the economic challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Hola Namaste had to close its doors in late 2021.

However, Chef Bikki saw an opportunity in the Queens neighborhood of Jamaica, where a vibrant Indian community thrives alongside numerous Indian restaurants. Recognizing the immense demand for authentic Indian flavors, he decided to open 3M BAR AND GRILL to introduce the Guyanese community in NYC to a new level of Indian cuisine.

When asked about his vision for the restaurant, Chef Bikki explained, “We want to introduce authentic Indian flavors to the Guyanese community in NYC. Our menu offers a wide range of vegetarian options, from grilled foods to tandoor dishes and South Indian dosas, along with a variety of delectable curry dishes. While initially, it can be challenging to introduce customers to lesser-known Indian specialties from various regions, we believe that once they experience the bold and diverse flavors, they will find them equally delightful.”

He further elaborated on the cultural context, saying, “The Guyanese people have roots in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, and Barbados. Guyana itself, located in northern South America, is home to a population of African and East Indian descent. These communities still hold their Indian culture dear, especially when it comes to food and music.” Chef Bikki expressed his surprise and admiration for their love of Indian cuisine and Bollywood artists, even mentioning the popularity of Chutney music, a fusion genre combining Indian folk music, Caribbean calypso and soca, and Bollywood influences.

While aware of the economic challenges faced by the local community, Chef Bikki remains optimistic about attracting customers to 3M BAR AND GRILL. He shared, “As a local restaurant in Queens, serving a majority of middle to low-income individuals, we understand the impact of the recession. However, we are confident that once people have the opportunity to try our high-quality dishes, they will be won over by our commitment to excellence. We may be new to this community, but we take great pride in showcasing the traditional flavors and mouthwatering cuisine of both North and South India.Our restaurant endeavors to satisfy the palate with the authentic flavors and tantalizing tastes of the Indian subcontinent, complemented by exceptional service of the highest quality.”