Pedaling for Purpose: The Inspiring Journey of Ajit Baral

Ajit Baral is not just a world cyclist, he’s a true inspiration to all of us. Despite facing significant challenges in his life, he turned his struggles into strength and embarked on a journey to make a difference in the world.

At just 23 years old, Ajit was paralyzed due to a medical condition in his spinal cord. He was disabled, depressed, and in constant pain. However, with an intense physical rehabilitation program, Ajit started to feel better. It was then that he realized he had a message to share with the world. He wanted to inspire people and change their lives in whatever way he could. Thus, in 2015, he set out on a cycling journey around the world with the slogan, “Save The Environment, Save The Earth”.

His journey began with his brother, Dr. Amrit Baral, who is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Miami. They cycled from Ajit’s hometown of Pokhara in Nepal to raise awareness about environmental protection and HIV/AIDS. Ajit was also determined to promote Nepal globally as the country of Mt. Everest and the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

After traveling to 17 countries with his brother Amrit, Ajit continued his solo journey around the world. Today, he has successfully completed his tour in 71 countries around the world, an incredible feat that has inspired people everywhere.

But his journey is not just about traveling the world. His main goal is to raise funds for a school in rural Nepal, which he has always planned to build. He believes that education is critical to driving positive change in any society. There are kids in the remote areas of Nepal who need such opportunities. The funds he receives will be used to build a school in Nepal, and a small part will go toward his basic needs during the journey.

Throughout his tour, Ajit has connected with various organizations, communities, groups, and individuals to spread the message of goodwill regarding environmental protection. He has also used his platform to promote Nepal via talks, interviews, workshops, and other media platforms. His journey has been successful so far because of the moral and financial help from the Nepalese diaspora living in various parts of the world. He humbly and most respectfully requests help in connecting with Nepalese associations and relevant stakeholders in the USA to appeal for essential support. He is also hoping that the Nepalese Embassy in the USA will take the lead to organize a meet and greet as well as fundraising event for him.

Currently, Ajit is in the United States (U.S.), preparing for his tour. This is his second time biking in the U.S. He did cross-country cycling from Santa Monica, California, to New York City in 2016. In this second phase of his tour in the U.S., his biking route will cover Miami, Florida; Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts; and New York (7,000 Km). He will share his day-to-day stories during the journey through videos and blogs.

Ajit’s journey and mission are only possible through our help. By joining him in this mission, we can help spread the message of “Saving Planet Earth,” and inspire people to take action and make a difference in their own lives and the society they live in.

So, let us all take inspiration from Ajit’s story and join him on his mission to make the world a better place. Let us all contribute in whatever way we can, and together, we can create a brighter future for generations to come.

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