Nepali Family of 4 Involved in Oklahoma Car Accident; Mother and Two-Year-Old Daughter in Critical Condition

In a tragic car accident in Oklahoma, USA, a Nepali family of four has been left injured, with the mother and two-year-old daughter in critical condition. The collision took place when a semi-truck crashed into their vehicle, causing severe harm to all family members involved.

The injured individuals have been identified as Santosh Bartaula, his wife Srijana Pandey, their six-year-old son Josh Bartaula, and two-year-old daughter Nyla Bartaula, according to sources familiar with the situation.

During the incident, which occurred around 5 pm on Saturday, the mother and daughter sustained serious injuries. The mother is presently dealing with paralysis due to a spinal cord injury, while the daughter remains in critical condition and is receiving intensive care in the ICU.

Meanwhile, Santosh Bartaula and his son Josh Bartaula suffered multiple fractures but are now out of immediate danger.

Following the collision with the semi-truck in Chouteau, Oklahoma, the injured family members were swiftly transported to San Francis Hospital in Tulsa via air ambulance. Subsequently, Shrijana Pandey underwent neck surgery on the same day, and the hospital has stated that the son may undergo cosmetic surgery in the near future, according to information provided by a family source.

The Bartaula family recently arrived in the United States and had been residing in Columbia, Missouri. Approximately a year ago, Santosh Bartaula immigrated to America and later brought his wife and children as dependents in October of last year.

They were en route to Oklahoma to visit a friend during the extended weekend of July 4th when the accident tragically took place.

Santosh Bartaula hails from Hetauda, Nepal.