Nepali couple in New Jersey donates generously to support education in their home country

In a heartwarming act of generosity, Rajendra and Anjana Shrestha, residents of Fair Lawn, New Jersey USA, have donated a significant amount of money to various institutions in their home country. Rajendra Shrestha, in memory of his parents, has donated NPR 1,70,000 to Janasewa Sanskrit Secondary School, Paiyun Hatia, NPR 50,000 to Huwas Multiple Campus, NPR 1,50,000 to Nirmal Janasewa Secondary School Tribeni, and NPR 1,01,111 to the development of Paiyunkot. He has even opened and donated into 4 banking accounts for the institutions on an interest-only basis for sustainable financial support.

Apart from this, Rajendra and Anjana Shrestha have also established the “Rajendra-Anjana Shrestha Encouragement Award” to motivate students to excel academically. They announced cash prizes for the top two students securing the 1st and 2nd position in Parbat district, with the amount of NPR 75,000 and NPR 50,000, respectively. Their daughter, Carrline Shrestha, has also donated NPR 28,000 to be given as a scholarship to four needy and hardworking students from Janasewa Sanskrita Secondary School.

The couple has also donated to Patan Devi Temple in Choudhary Hatia, Paiyun, for a cost of NPR 4,50,000. The idols for the temple, Kalbhairav, and Ganesh were worth NPR 1,80,000.

Rajendra Shrestha has always had philanthropic tendencies, and this is not the first time he has come forward to help society. Even when he had a small government job, he would save money to contribute to social causes. He has helped educational institutions by collecting resources from various sources, including “ACA Japan.” Inspired by the example of his father, Dal Bahadur Shrestha, Rajendra puts a share of his income towards helping others and has become an example worthy of the title “Best NRN.”

In addition to the couple’s contributions, other people with their hometown in Paiyun have donated generously to fund admission, dress, and book fees. Gopi Bushal from Japan donated NPR 1,80,000, Saroj Shrestha in the US donated NPR 30,000, and Arjun Kishore Neupane donated NPR 30,000. Arjun Kishore Neupane has also announced a cash prize of NPR 20,000 to the first student with the highest grades in Gandaki province.