Jackson Heights Cell Phone Store Owned by Nepali Speaker Robbed

A cell phone store in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York was robbed on Saturday, March 30, 2024, at approximately 8:30 pm. The store, owned by a member of the Nepali-speaking community, is located on 37-56A 74th Street, within the jurisdiction of the NYPD’s 115th Precinct.

Two unidentified male suspects entered the store wearing ski masks and brandishing firearms. They stole approximately $15,000 worth of merchandise and 100 cell phones from the display case. During the robbery, one of the assailants struck a 40-year-old store employee in the head with a firearm, causing significant injuries.

“It was reported to police that on Saturday, March 30, 2024 at approximately 2030 hours, two unknown males entered a store located at 37-56A 74 Street, in the confines of the 115 Precinct. The individuals were brandishing firearms and wearing ski masks. The removed property from the display case and money from the register. One of the males struck a 40 year-old store employee in the head with the butt of a the firearm causing a laceration and bruising. After they removed the property (approx. $15,000 and 100 cell phones), they zip tied the employee and locked him in the basement. They then took the key for the gate and closed the gate to the store. The males then fled the location in an unknown vehicle in an unknown direction. There are no suspect descriptions available at this time. The investigation is ongoing,”  a NYPD  Deputy Commissioner of Public Information, Spokesperson informed to NepYork.

The employee was then bound with zip ties and locked in the store’s basement while the perpetrators fled the scene in an unknown vehicle after securing the exit.

Security footage from the incident has been released, capturing the robbery and the assault on the employee. The NYPD is investigating the crime and is urging anyone with information to come forward. No suspect descriptions have been released at this time.

This robbery has highlighted concerns about the safety of local businesses, particularly those owned by immigrant communities, including Nepali-speaking establishments. The Jackson Heights community has experienced similar incidents in the past, and efforts are underway to bolster security measures and support affected businesses.

This event underscores the vulnerability of small businesses and the importance of ensuring the safety of all community members.