Nepali Films Boom in US Theaters: Rise in Demand and Distribution

Nepali movie fans in Denver, Colorado, enjoy a screening at a local theater. Photo: Nepal11 Entertainment

The popularity of Nepali cinema is experiencing a surge among Nepali audiences in the United States. This is fueled by a growing Nepali population in the USA, increased interest in Nepali culture, and a rise in the quality of Nepali films.

‘Rise N Shine’ Enters NYC Market

Binita Tamang and Manita Gurung, founders of the recently established ‘Rise N Shine’ company, are bringing Nepali movies to New Yorkers. Their inaugural screening of “Boksi Ko Ghar” will take place on Saturday, June 1st at the Kaufman Astoria theater.

Tamang highlights the growing demand for Nepali films, stating, “The interest of Nepali viewers abroad in Nepali movies has increased. The population has also increased. The quality of Nepali movies has also improved. Because the pattern has also changed.”

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Nepal 11 Entertainment Paves the Way

Patrick Subedi, who has been distributing Nepali movies in the USA through his company Nepal 11 Entertainment for the past 11 years, has witnessed this growth firsthand.

“It was a little less before covid,” Subedi says. “I showed 29 movies so far. Earlier regular shows were not thought of. It used to be sold on a hard drive basis.”

The shift to digital distribution and a post-pandemic return to theaters have opened doors for wider accessibility. Subedi currently screens movies in various cities across several states, including New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Texas, and California.

Actor Buddhi Tamang and singer Subani Moktan celebrate the film’s USA release. (Tamang also starred in the movie)

Reaching New Audiences

Subedi emphasizes the growing diversity of his audience. “Around three percent of viewers are from other communities besides Nepali,” he says. “There’s a plan to show Nepali movies to non-Nepali people as well.”

The cultural exchange goes both ways, with Subedi noting, “Apart from the Nepali people, they came out crying even when they were watching [Nepali movies].”

A Positive Influence on the Community

The rise of Nepali cinema in the USA is seen as a positive influence for the Nepali diaspora. Subedi believes it fosters cultural understanding and identity for children born and raised in the USA.

This trend looks set to continue, with both Rise and Shine and Nepal 11 Entertainment committed to bringing Nepali movies to a wider audience across the United States.

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From Projector to Box Office

Just a few years ago, the concept of a “box office show” for Nepali movies in US theaters was unimaginable. Distributors and local organizers had to resort to booking auditoriums and halls for screenings, often relying on projectors to showcase the films.

Subedi reminisces, “We actually showed the movie ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi 1’ using a projector back in 2013. It was the first film I distributed, and we did screenings across around two dozen states, carrying hard drives with us. But things have definitely changed for the better!”

Adding to the excitement, Subedi’s company, Nepal 11 Entertainment, is currently distributing the new movie “Farki Farki” in 11 theaters across the US. The film’s popularity is evident, with plans to expand to an additional 9 theaters starting next Friday.