Nepali Translator Available for California Driver’s License Written Test

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has informed that individuals can request a Nepali language translator for the written driver’s license test. The DMV informed Khasokhas that customers desiring to take the test in Nepali should contact the DMV’s language translation service. Subsequently, the DMV will provide a complimentary translator for the in-person written examination.

“Customers who wish to take the test in Nepali can contact DMV interpreter services, who will arrange for a translator to be available at no cost while the department administers the exam in person,” stated the DMV of California.

Prospective test-takers can schedule an appointment by contacting the DMV at 800 777 0133. Following this, customers can visit the DMV office and take the written test with the assistance of a language translator at the appointed date and time. The translator will aid in converting the written exam’s English questions into Nepali.

While translation services are available, the DMV of California notes that the learner’s permit exam is not currently offered in Nepali. “ The DMV currently does not offer the driver’s license knowledge test in Nepali. The knowledge test is required to obtain a provisional instruction permit, sometimes called a ‘learner’s permit.’ While Nepali is not among the languages currently offered for the knowledge test, the DMV intends to offer a Nepali translation in the future. The DMV has not yet determined when this will occur,” the DMV stated.

The California DMV acknowledges its obligation to adhere to the Dymally–Alatorre Bilingual Services Act, which mandates the provision of public services in multiple languages. This legislation ensures that state government services are accessible in the languages of non-English-speaking residents.

The act was established to facilitate effective communication between the state government and individuals who face language barriers to accessing public services. It stipulates that each state agency must employ a sufficient number of multilingual staff to directly convey information or deliver services to the public.

“One of the DMV’s major responsibilities is to promote traffic safety and protect the public by minimizing the number of unsafe drivers. The DMV takes its responsibility seriously by complying with California law (Dymally–Alatorre Bilingual Services Act) that lays out the requirements for which languages other than English should be provided for public services. The DMV is committed to serving all customers and will continue to periodically evaluate which languages other than English will be made available for the online test,” the California DMV affirmed.

Journalist Purushottam Dhakal from California praised the provision of a Nepali language translator at the DMV as a significant step forward. He advocated for the inclusion of the Nepali language in the exam soon.