Finland Tops Happiness Report, Nepal #93, USA #23

The Gallup World Report, released on the International Day of Happiness (March 20th), ranks countries based on self-reported happiness levels. For the seventh year in a row, Finland holds the top spot with a score of 7.741, indicating a consistently high level of well-being among its citizens.

Other highlights include the top 10 happiest countries: Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Australia. The United Kingdom sits at 20th place, while the United States comes in at 23rd. Nepal ranks 93rd overall, but happiness levels within Nepal vary by age group. India occupies 126th place, and China sits at 60th. Afghanistan holds the unfortunate title of the least happy country with a score of 1.721.

man in black and red bandana
Photo by Ayush Shakya on Unsplash

The rankings are determined by surveys conducted over the past three years, encompassing over 143 countries participating in the Gallup World Poll. Residents rated their life satisfaction on a scale of 0 to 10. In addition to these responses, experts considered factors like life expectancy, generosity, and GDP to create a comprehensive picture of national happiness.

This year’s report introduces a new and intriguing dimension: happiness variations by age group. Separate rankings were created, revealing some interesting trends. Nepal, for instance, ranks #76 for happiness among those over 60. However, happiness levels then decline slightly for those between 45 and 60 (93th), with the under 30 demographic ranking 92nd and those aged 30-45 ranking 101st. Compared to 2006-2010, Nepalis reported lower happiness levels from 2021-2023. Analysts have delved into data stretching back to 2006 to understand these evolving trends.