Most Dangerous Counties in US for Pedestrians: 8 of the Top 10 Death Traps Are in NY and NJ

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A new study has revealed a troubling trend for pedestrian safety in the United States. Alexandria, Virginia, leads the nation with a shockingly high rate of pedestrian fatalities in traffic accidents. Over a five-year period, 60% of all traffic deaths in Alexandria involved pedestrians. This highlights the urgent need for improved safety measures for pedestrians across the country.

The research, conducted by Laborde Earles Injury Lawyers, analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on fatal car crashes between 2017 and 2021. The study focused on counties with at least 10 fatalities from car crashes during that timeframe, allowing researchers to pinpoint areas with the highest risk for pedestrians.

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While Alexandria stands out with the highest percentage of pedestrian deaths, the situation is particularly concerning in the northeastern United States. Eight out of the top ten most dangerous counties for pedestrians are located in New York and New Jersey. New York County (Manhattan) and Kings County (Brooklyn) in New York follow closely behind Alexandria with over 51% of traffic fatalities involving pedestrians. Several counties in New Jersey, including Essex, Hudson, Union, and Bergen, also made the top ten, with pedestrian deaths accounting for nearly half of all traffic fatalities in those areas.

The study emphasizes the importance of prioritizing pedestrian safety. The research found that over 32,000 pedestrians died in car crashes across the country over the five-year period, averaging more than 17 deaths each day. These numbers underscore the critical need for increased awareness and action to create safer environments for pedestrians on our roads.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Counties for Pedestrians (2017-2021):

  1. Alexandria, Virginia (60.00% of traffic fatalities involving pedestrians)
  2. New York County, New York (51.69%)
  3. Kings County, New York (51.07%)
  4. San Francisco County, California (49.35%)
  5. Richmond County, New York (48.98%)
  6. Queens County, New York (46.36%)
  7. Essex County, New Jersey (46.29%)
  8. Hudson County, New Jersey (46.28%)
  9. Union County, New Jersey (45.14%)
  10. Bergen County, New Jersey (44.13%)