‘Act Quickly to Secure Passport Appointment,’ Suggests the Nepali Consulate in New York

Nepali embassies and consulates are facing a surge in passport applications, making it difficult for people to schedule appointments. The high demand is outpacing the number of available slots, causing frustration for applicants. To tackle this, the Consulate General of New York advises applicants to be proactive and reserve appointments online the moment they become available.

High Demand, Limited Slots

The Consulate General acknowledges the high volume of passport applications and the limited number of appointment slots. These slots are typically released in the last week of each month for the following month. For example, appointments for April would be released in the last week of March.

Act Quickly, Slots Fill Fast

Only a limited number of appointments are available. Approximately 400 appointments are released in the final week of each month, and they are usually filled within a week, if not sooner. The Consulate General recommends checking the online appointment system frequently during the last week of each month to maximize the chances of securing a slot.

Emergency Situations

The Consulate General offers emergency appointments for applicants facing urgent travel needs. However, it’s important to remember that the standard passport processing time is 4-8 weeks. For those with imminent travel plans or expired passports, a travel document might be a more suitable solution to address their urgent needs.

Limited Resources

The Nepali Consulate General in New York is currently short-staffed. Following the promotion and return of Acting Consul General Bishnu Prasad Gautam to Nepal, only two permanent government employees remain: Consul Bishnu Kumari Adhikari and Deputy Consul Sangita Neupane. A new Acting Consul General, Chakra Subedi, is expected to arrive soon, but the position is officially vacant for now.

The Consulate General serves residents of Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island. If you live outside of these states, you should contact the Nepali Embassy in Washington D.C. to schedule an appointment.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Before applying for a passport online, applicants should visit the Department of Passport’s website and ensure their device’s time zone is set to Kathmandu. The online application has a 15-minute time limit, so it’s crucial to have all necessary documents readily available to complete it in one go. While National ID numbers are not mandatory for U.S. residents, scanned copies of specific pages from your Nepali citizenship document, any previous passports, and marriage certificates (if applicable for name changes) are required for online submission.

The Appointment Process

Once you have secured an appointment, complete the online application form thoroughly. Download and print the pre-enrollment form with the provided QR code. Bring this printed copy, along with the original and photocopies of your passport, citizenship document, marriage certificate (if applicable), and migration certificate (if applicable) to your scheduled appointment. The appointment fee of $150 for regular renewal or $300 for lost/stolen passports must be paid through a money order or cashier’s check made payable to “Consulate General of Nepal, New York.” During the appointment, your biometrics will be captured.

Receiving Your New Passport

The completed passport will be mailed back to the applicant’s address. It’s recommended to prepare a prepaid return envelope with your address and a tracking number for secure delivery. Alternatively, you can opt for self-pickup at the Consulate General’s front desk.

By following these guidelines and acting promptly, Nepali citizens residing in the designated states can navigate the passport application process at the Consulate General of New York more efficiently.