Nepali Woman Fights Stage 4 Cancer in Texas, Seeks Support

Manisha Shrestha Dangol, a 35-year-old Nepali woman, is courageously battling stage 4 breast cancer at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Diagnosed with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer in June 2023, the cancer has unfortunately spread to her lungs and brain.

Manisha has undergone initial radiation therapy for a brain tumor and is currently receiving oral medication to manage the disease. However, a recent CT scan revealed the cancer’s impact on her daily activities, making tasks like walking and sleeping more difficult.

Despite these challenges, Manisha’s spirit remains strong. She is reaching out for support, not only to help her in this fight but also with the hope that her journey can become a source of awareness and inspiration for others facing similar battles.

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To assist Manisha with the mounting medical expenses, a fundraising campaign has been launched with a target of $150,000. As of now, the campaign has already collected $9,669. The additional funds will be crucial for covering the costs of medication and specialized treatments offered by the renowned medical center. Manisha acknowledges the exceptional care she’s receiving and draws strength and hope from the center’s innovative treatment options.

This fundraising effort comes amidst the recent loss of Nepali nurse Inu Yolmo to cancer. In the face of this shared tragedy, the community now rallies to support and save the life of Manisha Shrestha Dangol.