Nepali Diaspora Alliance Launches Global Petition for Dual Citizenship Based on Descent

The “Nepali Diaspora Alliance” (NDA), a newly established organization registered in the state of New Jersey, USA, has launched a global online petition advocating for the provision of dual citizenship for Nepali migrants based on the relationship of descent. The initiative aims to foster lasting relationships, boost the nation’s prosperity, and preserve cultural ties for Nepali migrants living abroad.

The NDA  is calling upon the Nepal Government, the Parliament of Nepal, and all concerned Nepali citizens and stakeholders to support their urgent plea. The petition, hosted on Change.Org, can be accessed through the following link:

The core objective of the petition is to secure Nepali Dual Citizenship by descent, also known as Continuation of Nepali Citizenship. This legal status would allow individuals to maintain their Nepali citizenship even as they acquire citizenship in another country, facilitating a strong emotional connection to their homeland while enjoying the benefits of their adopted nation.

Ashim nep , CC BY-SA 4.0

The NDA emphasizes several significant reasons for implementing dual citizenship based on descent:

Fostering Lasting Relationships: Dual citizenship strengthens the bonds between individuals and their countries of origin, enabling active participation in governance, social, and economic development of both nations. This heightened engagement promotes mutual understanding and cooperation.

Boosting the Nation’s Prosperity: Dual citizenship can play a pivotal role in Nepal’s economic growth. By leveraging the diverse skills, knowledge, and wealth of Nepali Diaspora NRNs, the nation can benefit from increased investment, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Furthermore, dual citizens often maintain strong ties with Nepal, contributing significantly to the country’s remittance income.

Preserving Cultural Ties with Future Generations: Dual citizenship ensures that future generations maintain a strong connection to their heritage, language, and cultural identity. This preservation enriches societal diversity, promotes multiculturalism, and fosters mutual respect.

Encouraging Citizens to Stay Engaged: Granting dual citizenship status without requiring renunciation recognizes the global nature of migration. It encourages Nepali Diaspora NRNs to maintain ties with Nepal, reversing the brain drain phenomenon and enabling contributions to the nation’s growth and development.

The NDA appeals to the Nepal Government and all concerned parties to amend the current Constitution of Nepal and the Nepali Citizenship Act to accommodate the provision of dual citizenship based on descent. The organization believes that this step will not only benefit individual NRNs but will also contribute to Nepal’s progress and overall well-being.

In a joint letter signed by Shree Prasad Parajuli, Milan Kumar Shahi, and Pradeep Pariyar Thapa Magar, the Nepali Diaspora Alliance expresses its strong belief that implementing dual citizenship provisions and policies will reflect inclusivity, global interconnectedness, and the shared aspirations of all Nepali Diaspora NRNs. The organization is committed to providing updates and additional information to advance this noble cause.

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