From the USA to Nepal: Dr. Bishnumaya Pariyar Provides School Uniforms to 170 Underprivileged Students

Dr. Bishnumaya Pariyar, a well-known social worker currently residing in the USA, extended her financial support to provide school uniforms for 170 students in Shahid Lakhan Rural Municipality Ward No. 7, Gorkha, Nepal. The distribution ceremony, held on Friday, was a momentous occasion benefiting children from two schools within the ward.

Ward President Sharan Shrestha expressed heartfelt gratitude as school uniforms were handed over to 121 students from Chandika Aadharbhut School and 49 students from Lakhan Thapa Primary School, both situated within the ward. This compassionate initiative was successfully carried out through collaboration with the ward office and Bindu Pariyar Thapa, a resident of Sahid Lakhan -4 Taklung.

The event was especially meaningful as it was dedicated to the cherished memory of Dr. Bishnumaya Pariyar’s father, Rup Bahadur’s family. The support extended brought much-needed relief to students and parents, as some families were facing financial constraints, hindering their ability to purchase school uniforms.

Ward President Shrestha believes that such compassionate initiatives play a pivotal role in nurturing a stronger bond between the community and the educational institutions. Dr. Bishnumaya Pariyar’s generous support serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to uplift marginalized and so-called Dalit communities in Nepal, earning her immense respect within the Nepali-American community.

The exceptional contributions of Dr. Pariyar in the realm of social service have earned recognition both in the United States and Nepal. In 2013, her alma mater, Pine Manor College, MA, USA, honored her with an honorary Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.) degree for her pioneering social work. Additionally, the City of Louisville, Kentucky, USA, proclaimed September 27 as “Dr. Bishnu Maya Pariyar Day” in acknowledgment of her outstanding contributions.

Dr. Bishnumaya Pariyar’s educational journey includes a Bachelor’s degree in Social and Political Systems from Nepal and the USA, as well as a Master’s degree in International Development and Social Change from Clark University, MA, USA. Her unyielding determination to make a positive impact has brought about profound transformations in the lives of the communities she serves.