Nepali Consulate General in New York Observes Nepali Republic Day

The Nepali Consulate General in New York commemorated the Republic Day of Nepal with a special program. The Consulate General of Nepal in New York organized and celebrated the 16th the Republic Day. Acting Consul General Bishnu Prasad Gautam inaugurated the event by raising the national flag of Nepal, followed by the playing of the Nepali national anthem and a minute of silence in honor of the martyrs.

Acting Consul General Gautam conveyed heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the guests and the entire Nepali community on behalf of the Government of Nepal, acknowledging the struggle and sacrifices made by the Nepali people and political parties in establishing the republic. He highlighted the significance of the republic and discussed the journey of Nepal in adopting the federal republican constitution through the Constituent Assembly, establishing three levels of government, and emphasizing the importance of development and prosperity.

He called upon the non-resident Nepalese community to support the efforts of the Nepalese government in the country’s development and the fulfillment of citizens’ aspirations. Consul Ganesh Prasad Adhikari expressed gratitude to those in attendance and extended his wishes for a joyous Republic Day. The program was skillfully moderated by Deputy Consul Sangita Neupane.

The event witnessed the presence of officials, representatives from various Nepali organizations in New York and New Jersey, media personnel, and mission staff. During the exchange of greetings, the invited guests paid tribute to both known and unknown martyrs who had sacrificed their lives for the establishment of the Republic. They emphasized the importance of sincere responsibility towards the institutional development of the Republic in Nepal, underscoring that the realization of the dreams of the martyrs and the significance of Republic Day relies on everyone’s understanding and commitment. The speakers expressed their dedication and readiness to make substantial contributions to the development of their motherland.