Nepal Festival will be organized in Niagara Falls to promote Nepal’s tourism

To promote Nepal’s tourism, Nepal Festival is going to be organized in Niagara Falls, which is located on the border between the USA and Canada.

The festival is going to be organized by ‘Hami Nepali Global’ on October 2.

The chairman of the organization, Amrit Lama, informed that Nepal Festival is going to be held with the goals of bringing in tourists from all over the world to Nepal, promoting Nepali products in the international market, and finding more market opportunities.

Chairman Lama said that the purpose of the festival is to do something good to promote Nepal’s art culture among the millions of tourists who come to Niagara Falls from all over the world.

A long truck prepared for Nepal’s tourism promotion and photo exhibition of Nepal’s special tourist areas will also arrive at the festival.

‘Organizing such events in Niagara Falls every year would help to make Nepal and Nepalis known around the world and help bring in tourists to Nepal,’ said Keshab Ram Rai, the spokesperson of Hami Nepali Global.