Suman Waiba, a Nepali student living in California with both kidneys damaged, appeals for help

Suman Waiba, a Nepali student living in California, has appealed for help for a transplant after both of his kidneys were damaged. Suman Waiba Tamang, 26, came to the United States as an international student.

He is currently living in Belmont, California, and pursuing a BBA from the College of San Mateo. When he went to the hospital for a checkup last December, he was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease and was at the final stage.Both kidneys were found to be damaged.

Doctors told him that the only way for him to survive was either perform a kidney transplant or go through dialysis. Even though he is listed on the waiting list of his kidney recipients, it is expected to take about five to seven years to get it.

According to the doctor, He is also anemic and uremic. He is undergoing dialysis at home for nine hours every day and is unable to work. He is planning to go to India for a kidney transplant and has appealed for help. He is the only son of 70-year-old parents and his family is financially dependent on him.

“I hope my family, friends, and well-wishers will understand my situation and help to save my life in this foreign land,” he said, “I want to overcome this disease.”

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