1,200+ Nepalis Have Received Diversity Visas Since November, Cases Current Up to 7,100 in May

There is good news for Nepali winners of the Diversity Visa (DV) program. The case number for Nepali DV winners will be current up to 7,100 in May 2024. This is a significant jump from previous months, with case numbers reaching 6,000 in April and 5,000 in March.

Over 1,200 Nepalis have already received their visas since October 2023, when the US Embassy in Kathmandu began processing applications at a faster pace. This is positive news compared to October, where no visas were issued by the US embassy in Kathmandu. Through February, the projected figures indicate that over 1,200 diversity visas were likely granted through various embassies, including Kathmandu.

In January, a total of 311 Nepalis obtained diversity visas, out of which 310 were directly issued by the US embassy in Kathmandu. In December, 414 Nepalis were granted visas, with 411 originating from Kathmandu. November saw 261 Nepalis receiving Diversity visas, with 256 issued by the Kathmandu embassy. In October, no visas were issued by the Kathmandu embassy, but 3 Nepalis from other locations successfully secured diversity visas.

The total number of winners for DV-2024 (fiscal year 2024) is 3,863, exceeding the previous year’s figure of 3,808. Nepal continues to be a top contender for DV visas in Asia, ranking third behind Iran and Afghanistan.

The DV-2024 selection results are available online until September 2024. Check your status if you applied between October 5 and November 8, 2022. It is important to remember that receiving a DV selection doesn’t guarantee a visa. Only up to 55,000 visas are available for a pool of potentially over 143,000 applicants globally. The number of applicants for DV-2024 significantly increased compared to DV-2023 (22.1 million vs. 9.5 million).